Word Cities is a new crossword puzzle game. In Word Cities you travel from city to city to solve crossword-like puzzles. Instead of giving the classic clues each word belongs to a category. Depending on the selected difficulty more or less letters are initially revealed in the puzzle. The other letters to complete the words are listed on an in-game keyboard.

Whenever you finish the puzzles of a city you get rewarded by a famous landmark. Then you can board the plane and fly to the next city where more puzzles are waiting to be solved. Travel to all continents and discover new countries, cities, and their landmarks.

Challenge and sharpen your brain. Extend your vocabulary with our 1,000+ crossword puzzles. Unlock secret puzzles and play the extra weekend puzzles.

Collect achievements, and check your score in the leaderboard.

Word Cities is a relaxing crossword game for young and old. The difficulty can be set from plain easy to very hard. And if you get stuck, help is just one tap away.

📌 Features

• lots of puzzles to solve
• more than 7,000 words in hundreds of categories
• learn new vocabulary
• relaxing background music by Brandon Fiechter
• completely free

Download Word Cities